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Cloud versus cloud July 24, 2008

Interesting article with comparisons between several cloud services (Amazon EC2, Google App Engine, GoGrid, AppNexus). It also includes screencasts demonstrating how they work. Cloud versus cloud: A guided tour of Amazon, Google, AppNexus, and GoGrid

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SnapIT in real life July 3, 2008

This company is doing exactly what we did for our first year hi-tech enterprise business plan… i-nigma – the fast track to mobile internet

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A Bill Gates flame email June 26, 2008

Bill Gates talks about his attempt to download Windows Movie Make Bill Gates Chews Out Microsoft Over XP

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Newbie Hardware Hack June 19, 2008

I wouldn’t let this person near any computer I own! Hardware FAIL

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Office Wars June 18, 2008

I still have my nurf gun! The Great Office War

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ImprovEverywhere June 6, 2008

Before flashmob there was … Improv Everywhere! Check out the videos they are awesome!

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Ubuntu Review

Highly entertaining review on Amazon 😉 Ubuntu: Worst Game Ever?

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The biggest drawing in the world! May 26, 2008

It took 55 days to draw and used GPS as a pencil and the world as paper! The biggest drawing in the world! (Edit: This is a hoax)

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Burma May 21, 2008

A rather long but interesting account of the situation in Burma. Burma cycolone eye witness accounts

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Wasting time ;) May 19, 2008

Slate is running a series on procrastination! Productivity studies estimate solitaire and its ilk drain $800 trillion dollars a year from the economy! I’ve never really liked solitaire that much, minesweeper is way better. Solitaire-y Confinement: Why we can’t stop playing a computerized card game If they had Linux they could have way more games 😉

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