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UTF-8 in PuTTy February 26, 2012

At work we use Windows on the desktop and so often end up using PuTTy to administer UNIX servers.

Recently I’ve been migrating a large MySQL database containing both Latin-1 and UTF-8 encoded tables. Whilst verifying that the migrated tables were correctly encoded I discovered that by default PuTTy will display Latin-1 even if the remote server’s locale is UTF-8.

Fortunately if you need to work with UTF-8 in PuTTy then you can change the following option:

Configuration -> Window -> Translation -> Remote character set -> UTF-8
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Immortal Computers June 27, 2009

Still have some of these things in my house! Where Are They Now? 25 Computer Products That Refuse to Die

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Dirty IT Jobs!

I definately prefer my job to any of these! Even dirtier IT jobs: The muck stops here

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A sneak peak inside a Google Data Centre April 13, 2009

They aren’t using corkboards anymore! Google container data center tour

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Flutter March 6, 2009

Twitter is so last year, I’m on flutter! 😉 Flutter: The New Twitter

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Yay for Google Sync! February 10, 2009

I’ve been hoping Google would release a SyncML service for Google Calendar and GMail Contacts and now they have! Calendar and contact syncing for iPhone and Windows Mobile devices. Up until now I’ve been using ScheduleWorld (which is really good). All we need from Google now is CardDAV and CalDAV tasks support.

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The GNU way to do internationalisation in Javascript February 4, 2009

Useful approach to internationalisation. JavaScript Internationalisation

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Knitta Please! January 23, 2009

This is so random its cool! Knit-based graphitti, read about it in the Telegraph. Knitters turn to graffiti artists with ‘yarnbombing’. Check out their website Knitta Please! especially the first and last videos.

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Using Wiimotes with Linux January 15, 2009

You can even use one to control a MythTV box! Talking to a Wiimote in Ubuntu 8.10

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UK Govt plans to keep every e-mail we send…! January 12, 2009

How will they ever manage to keep all that data secure and unlost!? UK e-mail law ‘attack on rights’

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