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Creating a tiny PXE rescue environment using Slitaz February 19, 2012

Slitaz is a very small (base is 8mb) and highly configurable “live cd” distribution this makes it perfect for use in a rescue environment. The following steps were used to create a ‘rescue mode’ version of Slitaz which can be rapidly booted via PXE and includes RAID kernel modules, networking + SSH.

All of these steps were completed on a virtual machine booted using Slitaz 3.0 base (available from When the machine first boots you should login as root (password root) and start ssh (dropbear) then you can complete the instructions via an SSH client.

sed -i 's/DROPBEAR_OPTIONS.*/DROPBEAR_OPTIONS=""/' /etc/daemons.conf
/etc/init.d/dropbear start

Now SSH into the VM and copy/adjust/paste the rest of the instructions.

Get base flavor to work from

tazlito extract-flavor base
cp -a /home/slitaz/flavors/base /home/slitaz/flavors/rescue
cd /home/slitaz/flavors/rescue

Update metadata

sed -i s/base/rescue/ receipt
sed -i 's/Minimal set of packages to boot/base + rescue customisations/' receipt

Add useful packages

echo lvm2 >> packages.list
echo nano >> packages.list

Create directory for custom config

mkdir -p rootfs/etc

Allow root logins

cat /etc/daemons.conf | sed 's/DROPBEAR_OPTIONS.*/DROPBEAR_OPTIONS=""/' > rootfs/etc/daemons.conf

Run ssh on boot

cat /etc/rcS.conf | sed 's/RUN_DAEMONS="/RUN_DAEMONS="dropbear /' > rootfs/etc/rcS.conf

Use interface on private network

cat /etc/network.conf | sed s/eth0/eth1/ > rootfs/etc/network.conf

Set root passwd

deluser tux
cp /etc/shadow rootfs/etc

Install toolchain and kernel source

for i in slitaz-toolchain ncurses-dev perl linux-source; do tazpkg get-install $i; done

Enable storage kernel modules

cd /usr/src/linux
echo CONFIG_MEGARAID_SAS=m >> .config
echo CONFIG_SCSI_3W_9XXX=m >> .config

Build Slitaz package with the new kernel image and modules

make tazpkg

Copy newly built package into local repo (Note: The filename change is important s/slitaz-/)

mkdir /home/slitaz/packages
cp /usr/src/linux/linux-slitaz- /home/slitaz/packages/linux-

Create ISO

tazlito pack-flavor rescue
tazlito get-flavor rescue.flavor
tazlito gen-distro

Copy the kernel and filesystem

scp /home/slitaz/distro/rootcd/boot/rootfs.gz  server:/var/www/html/ipxe/rescue
scp /home/slitaz/distro/rootcd/boot/vmlinuz-  server:/var/www/html/ipxe/rescue
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