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Running the London Marathon for Uganda March 20, 2014

You probably know that I’ve been running for the past few years, but this year I’ve taken the plunge and signed up for the London Marathon (its only a few weeks away – April 13th). If I’m honest the training has been pretty tough!

Why am I putting myself through all this pain?! For the last six years I’ve been travelling to the Manafwa district in Eastern Uganda (on the border with Kenya, 250km from Kampala). It’s a remote rural area where poverty is rife and hunger is the norm. We’ve been able to work within the community building up personal relationships and making a lasting difference. Many children eat only a single meal a day (that’s the lucky ones) and have to walk several miles to school often barefoot. Once they get there they are crammed inside a small room with as many as 100 other pupils, a single teacher and maybe a few textbooks – no food and no water.


Each year I’ve visited, with a group from my Church, we’ve taken teaching resources and sports equipment for schools, cooking equipment, blankets and even building materials that people like you have paid for. When we speak to people in the community they are always so overwhelmed that people like you, that they’ve never met, are willing to support them!

Being in Uganda I’m always struck by the stark contrast between England, its like a different world. I always wish we were able to do more, so I’d be massively grateful for your support! This year we are taking resources for schools and we will be starting the process of drilling wells!

Please donate at

Thank you so much!

Jon :)

Ps. Aid International kindly provided me with a spot in the London Marathon. For the last 13 years they’ve been supporting Fountain of Life Church in Lusaka, Zambia to build schools and Gifts of Love International in Brito, Guatemala to house abused children. 20% of the funds raised will go to support those projects.

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